A Global Network


Best Airline Rep, a great innovation in the global industry of representation (GSA)


Global Network of Experts in Airline Representation

Best Airlines Rep with its dynamic teams of experts and numerous qualified contacts within the business travel, leisure and tour operator industry worldwide, guarantees access to potential customers at the highest level, ensuring exponential sales and growth for any airline.

Founding Members

Best Airlines Rep is born as a global network composed of the best independent GSA in every single country. 

Founded in 2018, Best Airlines Rep brings together five experienced independent GSAs from different countries who decided to join forces, sharing their local expertise and know-how.

This innovative initiative was created by five founding members who have been successfully operating for many years in Europe: 

– Enlloy Aviation – Spain and USA

– Friends Touristik Marketing – Germany, Austria and Switzerland

– InterGSA – Benelux and France

– Network GSA – UK and Ireland

– Spazio – Italy


The creation of a network of the highest quality, made up of the most experienced independent GSAs in each country will meet the needs of both airlines and other transport service providers.

From a menu comprising either total representation or a range of especially selected and customised services, Best Airlines Rep brings real added value to any business needs.

Best Airlines Rep provides national and global services for the aviation industry, offering cost reduction plans, sales and marketing strategies as well as communication and PR. Their clients will benefit from a variety of comprehensive customised marketing and sales plans. They will only need to outsource the airline services which have costly overheads.

The clients will benefit from increased passenger sales, reduced back office costs and a dedicated service in all required areas.


Best Airlines Rep`s network offers a wealth of executive experience spanning more than 30 years in representing airlines worldwide.

Best Airlines Rep`s dedicated, service-oriented, exclusive companies will represent the airlines as if it was their very own business.

Best Airlines Rep`s network offers the distinct advantages of a large global structure with the benefits of independent companies.

The requirements of efficiency, reliability, dedication and quality of management in the competitive world in which we operate are the fundamental ingredients for the successful promotion of our clients in the markets we represent.

Global Reach

Best Airlines Rep is the dedicated and exclusive GSA alliance which will continue to expand and offer a global network, with local expertise.

For more information visit  best-airlines-rep.com