Top 5 Places to visit in Thailand!

Thailand or as it’s also referred to, The Land of Smiles is beautiful, full of amazing scenery, luxury beaches that cameras cant even begin to give justice, and delicious cuisine! It can be hard to decide where to go, so we have picked our top 5 favourite places to visit in Thailand.


Phuket is Thailand’s largest island and the perfect destination for you if you are looking for a variety of exciting and unforgettable experiences! Phuket is surrounded by beautiful white sand beaches, it also offers diving experiences and fabulous food. If you’re not a beach fan then you can also enjoy the culture hedonistic or holistic pleasures.



Looking for a relaxing peaceful holiday that is less crowded? Krabi is less developed than Phuket is but definitely not to be overlooked, boasting beautiful scenery both at sea and inland! Rolling white sand beaches, a jungle mainland, cliffs, caves, waterfalls and exciting wildlife, Krabi is the perfect escape.


Ko Chang

Ko Chang is another large island with beautiful waterfalls, hiking trails and coral reefs! This island boasts a waterfront party scene so if you are looking for somewhere that’s beautiful, relaxing and with some extra party life then Ko Chang is a great location, especially for backpackers.


Chaing Mai

Not a beach fan? Chaing Mai might be a better fit for you, located in the mountainous range of Northern Thailand the city is full of culture, exotic foods, markets and home to hundreds of elaborate Buddhist temples that are definitely worth checking out!


Koh Samui

Koh Samui is one of the most popular destinations in Thailand and definitely one of Bangkok Airway’s busiest routes. Koh Samui attracts a wide audience from budget holidaymakers who are looking to unwind in the cute beach bungalows through to the luxury travellers taking the stunning villas.


We hope you have enjoyed reading our, Top 5 Places to visit in Thailand, blog post and we hope this has made your destination search for your Thailand trip a little easier!

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