Visiting Thailand on a budget – our top money saving tips!

Been desperately saving your pennies so you can finally explore Thailand? Well, we have some good news for you! You can enjoy it, even on a tight budget! Luckily when you arrive in Thailand everything is actually incredibly cheap anyway but it never hurts to save some extra cash, especially when you have a tight budget to work with, so we have listed our top money-saving tips for visiting Thailand.

Enjoy the delicious street food!

Couldn’t afford an all-inclusive luxury hotel? Thai street food is the next best thing, cheap as chips and incredibly delicious, Thai street food is a foodie’s dream come true. Thailand is full to the brim of exciting dishes and snacks to try from deep-fried tarantula for the brave and courageous to Kluay Tod (deep fried banana) a must-try for those who prefer to play it safe!


Wing it on the hotel booking

This one is not a high favourite, especially when travelling with kids but if you are travelling alone or as a couple this is fun, exciting and of course a great money saver! Booking a hotel online can seem like the cheapest and easiest way but prices are non-negotiable, selections are small and taxes get applied, try living life on the wild side and book when you arrive. Booking on arrival gives you the endless flexibility to be able to stay where you want, haggle on prices and switch hotels regularly to liven it up.


Buses are your new best friends

Public transport in Thailand is far from expensive especially for Brits who are used to break the bank prices for short taxi trips in London! But it never hurts to save those extra pennies, no one has ever complained about having extra shopping money. The best way to save whilst travelling around local towns is to travel by bus. But do make sure you try a tuk tuk tour! Especially if you are visiting Bangkok, the nighttime tuk tuk tour is great fun and a perfect way to explore this stunning city.



Experiences remain a similar price throughout Thailand but are nothing on the prices you pay in Europe! The best way to budget for these is to make a plan in advance of must-see locations so you can budget accordingly, temple trips tend to be pretty cheap and simply breathtaking so you can definitely add a few of them to your list. But it goes without saying that Thailand is show-stoppingly beautiful, there are stunning sights to see every day, everywhere, for free, so don’t panic if you can’t fit everything in you will still have an amazing experience regardless!


Visiting different Islands and locations

This card may currently be off the table but don’t rule it out. Flights around Thailand are actually surprisingly affordable. For all your flights throughout Thailand, look at using Bangkok Airways, they are affordable, comfortable and pride themselves on their customer service. They have recently won, Best Regional Airline and Best Economy Class in Asia in the Travelers’ Choice Awards for Airlines 2018! Read more about it here. Ask your local travel agent for more information about your connecting flights.